Twin Cities Active Chiropractic

Dr. Rohin received his Doctorate of Chiropractic medicine from Northwestern Health Sciences University in 2014, after obtaining his B.S degree in Community Health Education from University of Wisconsin La-Crosse. Dr. Rohin holds certifications in Active Release Techniques®, Graston Technique® and kinesiotaping with RockTape.
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  • I strongly recommend Dr. Rohin Sachdeva D.C to get your body back on track!
    He’s very knowledgeable and passionate about his work. My wrist/hands were weak due to overuse and he knew exactly how to get them going back in the right direction. I learned there are many muscles, nerves, and tissues involved in the process as he broke them down, so I could strengthen them again. Along with his advise and teaching correct movements, my wrist and hands are on their way to feeling normal again. He has also helped me by showing me stretches that help me be comfortable at my desk job all day. I’m forever thankful!
  • “I’ve been treated by Dr. Rohin for several weeks.
    I am thoroughly satisfied with the results that I have gotten. He is a good listener, and understands quickly what you are trying to convey. He then explains how he views the injury and what he will do to try and get the results that will help you. He always demonstrates confidence and professionalism. He has done GREAT things for my pain and my problem! He not only treats you but gives you things you can do to help yourself stay healthy.
    John W. M
  • I’ve worked in manufacturing and sanitation for almost 38 years.
    I have some scar tissue from repetitive stress injuries. Active Release Techniques, and Dr. Rohin, have helped me work through some painful situations. He explains what he is doing, and why, and what may have caused this stress. This has helped me by creating awareness of how to help build up the muscles that are needed to support the areas that have been overused. If you follow the program, that he suggests, you may be able to recover what you’ve lost.
    Claudia F.